Take a letter....any letter. Then copy it and turn it, and repeat.  Create a new unit consisting of several turns of this letter and turn and repeat that.

You will end up with what we have below.

It is a simple but addicting exercise that can create really interesting designs and the possibilities are endless. 

During the process students learn to 'see' graphically and create designs using abstraction.

Alishan Bhola BrianKimA BrianaNgo Cohen, Ryan A Cristian Cruz A
CrystalAdame Daniela Gonzalez A DoNguyen FranchescalaraA Giovanni Torres A
GustavoAcajabon Janet Alfaro A Jeffrey Aglugub A KurtLuuA LorenaCarlosA
LorenaCarlosA2 LorenaCarlosA3 LuisArellanoA NicoletteBernal A Omar Solis Per.3
PilarBermudesA RaymundoHerrejonA RobertSandovalA Stephanie Rivas A Teresa Ji A
WendyMartinezA albertoharo cynthia huynh gabrielcarbajalA jeffrey umana letter shape
jeffrey umana letter#49D73E josesanchezA manuel perez A michellecastanedaA oscarrodriguezA