Student CD Cover Concepts

This is the assignment following the Hollywood Movie Poster as part of which students learn the Fundamentals of Design.
They again apply that learned knowledge in designing their CD Covers.  All CD covers are projected for the class to see while
the first song on the back of the album is played.  During this time students grade each other on special grading sheets.  They are
assessed according to the Fundamentals of Design, how creative they were, and good use of Photoshop skills.  This is a very
popular assignment. Students must bring their music on the day of presentation or 'sing'.  It is a lot of fun for all involved and
the student's learning is reinforced by the class assessment.

Requirements:  Students must have the Name of the CD, a cover that reflects the music, and on the back at least 3 songs.

Size:  9.5  X 4.75 inches @ 300 pxi

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