Student Magazine Cover Concepts

Students take photographs of themselves and then put their image on the cover of a magazine of their choice.

They are graded on how believable the final image is.  If it looks real, they will get a good grade.  This is a very
difficult assignment to do well as it requires superior Photoshop skills to make the final magazine look real.

Size: determined by the the magazine scan @ 300pxi

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ArielCaceresMC Blake R mc Daniel Lee mc DavidLee DaylenChiangM Eddie Gonzalez
Eduardo R. mc Eric PalomaresMC ErphanAl-DelgirM Eshther Kong magazine FidelHerreraM Francisco R. mc
George rivas mc GraceChunMC   Haruttopchyan mc 2 Hellen Pham M Jackie Snow
Jalen Michals Levy Jaqueline O. mc Jasmine Elbarbary Jay Bowman M Jennifer Graciano MC Johnbrennan mc
Kaylee Grodske M Kelley Fernandez mc MarcoHernandez-MC Marisa Ourieff M MichaelNguyen MC Natalie lai MC
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