See a full selection of Piazza Montana final images here.

See an interesting example of the digital imaging enhancement and original photography here.

Piazza Montana
MCG Architecture

This building is located on a busy street in Santa Monica, California. I was hired primarily for my retouching and digital imaging skills because even though the architects had a terrific sense of style in their work, it had not been realized to its best as yet because flora and landscaping had not been completed by the client. Also there were traffic lights and parking meters obstructing the aesthetics of the building. All of these elements had to be dealt with over and above the normal architectural photography challenges to lend a proper view of the building as the architect originally envisioned.

The photography was completed in 4x5, 120mm, and 35mm formats and was used for corporate promotions, brochures, etc.

Prints and slides were provided along with hi res digitized files on disk.