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This is the day of the arrival for the first time of the C5-A (seen in the background) in Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. I was sent there to get a photo which said in one picture that it was in fact, in Vietnam. Well the problem was the area around Cam Ranh Bay looked like Arizona. I grabbed a couple of Vietnamese kids waiting in the civilian airport and jumped in my jeep and headed out to the flight line. I was soon surrounded by military police who grabbed the kids and me and searched everything we had. I had passes from generals, colonels and whatever, but it made no difference. These kids had to be Viet Cong and they were there to blow up that airplane! The outcome was that they would only let me get the kids as close as you see here. I wanted to put them right in front to show how huge it was. That was not to be and this was the photo I got.