Someone asked me the other day "What is computer imaging?" I was surprised at the question because I thought the answer was obvious....I had been doing it for 9 years. But she really didn't know. So I explained what it was to me.

When necessary I use the computer as a natural extension of my camera to create images that otherwise would be impossible or impractical to photograph. I have placed several examples (below) on line for you to see. They are all problem solving situtions in which computer imaging has proved invaluable. All of the work below was either output as 8x10 transparencies, or as very large CMYK files on disk. Most of these images were base files of over 100 megs and some were as large as 500 megs with layers. I do all of my own work which is appreciated by many returning clients. I use a photographer's eye to solve retouching challanges.

To see how I composed and retouched to create the images first click on the one you wish to view below. This will show you a larger image and some comments on its production. Then click on the 'parts' button at the bottom to see the larger image and the parts on another page.

A portfolio can be sent to you upon request. Please email me at Or call me at 818 625-5878 (let it ring).

Click on an image for a larger view and to see the parts that made it!

Lite Beer from Miller goes fishing in East Texas.

A poster that captures the personality of a legendary singer blends with a terrific presentation of the client's product.
Mixed drinks dance for Chistian Bros. Brandy
The AD wanted the Mexican Flag to be poured into shot glasses.
A fertile imagination shows the strength of Exxon saran wrap material.
Pennzoil racing cars designed in a heroic setting.
Kerns goes liquid, to fruit,to liquid in a billboard.
Pepsi man rules from atop a mountain of Pepsi cans.
Reconstructing a hotel to show the best features of a Sheraton Hotel.
Planning ahead for a Smirrnoff Ad
Using bright colors to show a hot product.
Creating a soccer ball covered Volkswagon
A unique way to show a selection of igloo ice coolers.